• CF710-094PT

    Merry-Go-Soft. 80 x 75 x 1 in. Take a whirl on the Merry-Go-Soft! Fifteen geometrically linked soft shapes align together in hexagonal fun! Complete with ramps, stairs, curves and bumps. Perfect for developing gross motor skills and encouraging...

    $993.90 $621.19

  • CF710-095PT

    Chisholm Trail. 60 x 40 x 17 in. Chisholm Trail combines vivid colors and delightful patterns to beckon all little ones to play! Sculpted to include various tunnels, slides and ramps, crawlies will love the space to explore. Freight charges apply. Please...

    $647.90 $404.94

  • CF710-096


    Marshmallow Upside Downs. 60 x 60 x 15 in. Marshmallow Upside Downs provide a world of levels, colors and fun! Arranging these delightful soft pieces will give the perfect opportunity for little engineers to determine their own gross motor pathways!...

    $636.90 $398.06

  • CF710-099PT


    Soft Tunnel Set. 60 x 60 x 15 in. Little ones will love to explore the possibilities of this nine piece climber. Follow friends up, over and through the soft foam shapes! Cushioned pieces are easy on little elbows and knees. Attach shapes together with...

    $539.90 $337.44

  • CF710-101PT

    Snuggle Corner Set. 40 x 40 x 1 in. Romp, climb or relax on this cozy climber. This beginner climber is perfect for exploring and imagining. Snuggle Corner encourages climbing, crawling and social interaction. Great unit to develop gross-motor skills....

    $317.90 $198.69

  • CF710-104PT


    Snuggle Warren. 74.5 x 47.5 x 10 in. Little explorers will enjoy climbing and romping over Snuggle Warren! This beginner climber is perfect for exploring and developing gross motor skills. Gentle ramps, mats and steps provide endless opportunities for...

    $479.90 $299.94

  • CF710-105PT


    Soft Future Shapers. 60 x 60. Nine soft foam pieces nest together to create a wonderful play area. The bright colors and multiple shapes entice little ones to explore safely on the soft terrain! Five-inch increments in height, width and length encourage...

    $582.90 $364.31

  • CF710-106PT


    Tunnel Trilogy. 20 x 106 x 15 in. Little ones will work on their gross motor skills while climbing over and under these inviting tunnels. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when reaching the other side! Romp, turn and explore while counting stars...

    $360.90 $225.56

  • CF710-108PT

    Basic Play Set - Primary. 40 x 20 x 10 in. Itâ„¢s a ramp and a stairway to imaginative fun! This simple set provides the perfect stage for beginning climbers. Kids will gain confidence and have fun at the same time as they learn to climb and romp on this...

    $175.90 $109.94

  • CF710-113PT


    Gross Motor Play Group. Tiny architects can enhance their gross motor skills with our largest collection of soft climbable shapes. Building never ends with these simple shapes that can be put together in countless different ways to accommodate a...

    $2,139.90 $1,337.44

  • CF710-120


    Cozy Woodland Terrace. 40 x 40. Climb and explore on the Cozy Woodland Toddler Terrace. This soft play set helps toddlers build their self esteem and gross motor skills. Scoot, climb and conquer! Freight charges apply. Please contact us for discounted...

    $322.90 $201.81

  • CF710-145PT


    Exporama. 62 x 42 x 12 in. Active play meets pretend play with this colorful starry climber! The Exporama lends itself to any atmosphere seeking a safe way to let little ones explore in a fun and comfortable environment. Freight charges apply. Please...

    $472.90 $295.56