• All of Us Together

    Take a multicultural approach to the education of young children with All of Us Together™.  Create discussions on racial awareness, and teach children to respect others’ cultures and values.  Encourage them to work together to improve the communities in...

    $219.99 $175.99 $153.99

  • Children of Many Cultures Children of Many Cultures

    Children of Many Cultures

    Emphasize our multicultural heritage with these charming children in native dress. 5'4" Round Multi. Please contact us for freight quote.

    $219.99 $175.99 $153.99

  • Hands Around the World Hands Around the World

    Hands Around the World

    This irresistible classroom carpet with soft blended colors will spark lively discussions about world unity. Children will enjoy identifying each child's home continent represented by the colored bars in the carpet border. Students can discuss the clues...

    $88.99 $71.19 $62.29

  • One World One World

    One World

    We need to teach a respect for nature and our earth to children, and this unique and interesting carpet will be the starting point for wonderful conversations about animals, insects, plants, seasons, recycling and the multi-cultural peoples who inhabit...

    $959.99 $767.99 $671.99

  • Spirit of Truth Spirit of Truth

    Spirit of Truth

    With a Medicine Wheel/Dreamcatcher at the center encircled by the Seven Teachings, the Spirit of Truth© carpet will become a focal point for discussions of the Native American culture. The teachings emphasize walking the earth peacefully in harmony with...

    $219.99 $175.99 $153.99

  • Traditional Teachings Traditional Teachings

    Traditional Teachings

    This attractive rug reinforces the seven basic virtues that form the foundation of a native, North American lifestyle.  Children will enjoy learning the history of these sacred laws and implementing them as they interact with others in their daily lives...

    $219.99 $175.99 $153.99